School Law

Birdsong & Armstrong knows schools.  Our attorneys have represented and advised schools and other governmental entities on a variety of legal issues.  Our attorneys draw on their real-world experience and extensive knowledge of school systems to offer practical and legally acceptable solutions in response to the challenging legal issues facing educators today.

When possible, we prefer to approach potential legal problems proactively, focusing on prevention.  However, circumstances do not always allow such a strategy.  When these circumstances arise, we can react efficiently, responsively, and most importantly, effectively.

Our approach to school law issues emphasizes prevention and early identification of potential legal problems.  We will implement this strategy for each client through comprehensive, candid reviews and audits of current practices, policies and procedures.  Based on these reviews, we will work effectively with administrators to develop or revise policies and procedures to satisfy their objectives in an acceptable legal framework.

Along with prevention, our attorneys can react quickly and appropriately when a problematic legal situation arises.  Our skill and expertise allow us to advise and represent clients in ARD meetings, before hearing officers of the Texas Education Agency and in state and federal courts.  This representation extends to several areas, including special education, discipline, employment, discrimination, harassment, qualified immunity, and the First Amendment.  Out of court, our business administrative team is prepared to offer a broad array of transactional and governmental advice, including representing school boards, acquiring property, and bidding contracts.

Through our comprehensive School Law Practice, we are prepared to advise public schools, charter schools, private schools, and colleges/universities on a vast array of education issues including: representation of school boards, student rights and issues, special education issues, contracts, employment issues qualified immunity, privacy and litigation and appeals.